Pickett in partnership with W&W jewellery

Trevor Pickett guest curates a virtual piece of bespoke men’s jewellery in partnership with W&W Jewellery

Following last year’s successful collaboration with Pickett, bespoke London jewellers W&W Jewellery have once again joined forces with the luxury brand, inviting Trevor Pickett to guest curate an exclusive virtual piece of men’s jewellery.

Known for their exquisite bespoke jewellery services, W&W invited the innovative and iconic retailer to take part in an experience to curate a unique jewellery design inspired by Trevor’s personal passions and interests.

Incorporating his love of England’s design and engineering heritage, particularly the Industrial Revolution and its role in shaping our country’s advances and perception of time, Trevor provided conceptual ideas which were then transformed into a set of jewellery designs by the expert team at W&W Jewellery. As a keen cycling enthusiast, this theme was also a strong influence in the design process.

Following several consultations to discuss ideas and elements such as gemstones and metals, ‘Wheels Within Wheels’ was the final concept chosen. Inspired by structures of the Industrial Revolution era with a nod to the iconic British Tudor Rose, the design has a cog style setting that subtly links the piece to Trevor’s interests in time and cycling. The colour scheme of the gemstones is linked to the Olympic rings and is an example of acrostic jewellery, where the first letter of the gemstone spells a word, in this case the Latin word ‘heros’. The strong patterns and shapes from a bygone era are cleverly crafted into a beautiful and floral design that could be used for many different pieces, from cufflinks or studs, to a pendant or ring.

The design showcases the fantastic skill harnessed by W&W’s talented designer, Emma, who specialises in taking a set of ideas or concepts and translating them into a stunning piece of unique jewellery, whether for men or women. This collaboration not only demonstrates W&W Jewellery’s expertise in bespoke jewellery but also celebrates British craftsmanship and design.

Trevor Pickett comments “It’s been an exciting process, the evolution from initial ideas to the final pieces we selected to launch our first collection”

Richard Warrender of W&W Jewellery, comments, “We have been thrilled to work once again with Pickett and specifically Trevor with his fantastic knowledge of design. It has been an exciting project, taking Trevor’s passions and intricate attention to detail then interpreting this into a completely distinctive and personal piece of jewellery.”

For more information about W&W Jewellery, visit www.wandwjewellery.com or to speak to the studio about a design you have in mind, call 020 7924 2386.