Trevor Newsletter: Fine Food & Foraging

Autumn brings with it the crunch of leaves, country walks and opportunities to forage. It’s healthy, fun and something I find personally rewarding, so please find a cornucopia of ideas that I hope you will enjoy.

Almost going vegetarian in the spring/summer lockdown was easy, as asparagus replaced crisps and salads were easily enjoyed in the balmy heat. However now we are into dark days, so I am turning to the leaner meats. It is time to go wild in the country, keep off temptation comfort foods , don’t pile on the COVID kilos start counting the corona calories and stay a lean mean machine this lockdown – with Christmas coming let’s not join the geese!

Pickett Foraging
Game Meats

Thinking about the benefits of eating meats that live grazing the hedgerows woods and covers enjoying the fruits of the land , its lean and nutritional – even more eco -  if you are brave enough to eat road kill.

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Rabbits in Tomato Juniper Sauce

A basic Rabbit fillet in tomatoes, lardons, junipers and thyme is
quite delicious - though rabbit does need a slower poaching and if told if wild, it needs 24hr hours in milk. I adapt from the recipes in Simple French Cuisine: From Provence And Languedoc by Jenny Baker.

Orange Gin - Alternative to Sloe Gin

In my equestrian days, I discovered a recipe – credit to Bill & Margaret James I was introduced to my now winter staple of Seville Orange Gin. It is easy to make and absolutely delicious. I find the cheapest Gin, usually from France as it is a more economic ingredient - but post Gin making, it has duel usage and can be used as a basic ingredient for orange marmalade.

Escalope of (unhung) Pheasant breast

Introduced by my friends the Sylvester’s,dip the breast in beaten egg, coat it in flour, repeat the egg dip and coat with a mix of Panko cracked black pepper and lemon zest, or buy the Paxo version then lightly fry. Serve simple with spinach, sautéed potatoes with a hint of garlic.
As a source of more specialist game, also burgers and sausages  I use My local online company ‘The Wild Meat Company’ – based in Suffolk they deliver direct to your home. Near our Sloane Street store is trusty butcher Jago Butchers of Chelsea  who can carefully advise a way to dress your dish to suit your needs.

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