Back to Burlington...

The return of in-store retail

After what seemed like an eternity, we’ve finally been able to welcome customers back into our stores, and we have to say that we’ve enjoyed every second.  While the online side of our business has remained operational over the last year, the heart and soul of what we do is found in-store, and from [Pickett founder] Trevor’s beautiful antique furniture to mini exhibitions from local artists, there’s always something to see that you weren’t expecting. 




It’s so much more than your average shopping trip, as Trevor highlights: 


“You come to Pickett for the experience and that’s more important now than it ever has been.” 


We spoke to the man himself to find out how the shopping landscape has changed, and what the return to in-person retail has brought with it… 

How has the last year been for Pickett? 

Since we opened in Mayfair 40 years ago, there have been good times and bad times, and that certainly applies to the last 12 months. We’ve all struggled but we’ve survived and, in the words of Elaine Paige, “I’m still here”.   

 Have you noticed a shift in what people have been buying?  

Due to the fact that everyone’s been at home, anything to do with the home has become really important. Sales-wise, this has meant an increase in blankets, photo frames, scarves and slippers - so we’re really fighting forward with things for the home. And - unsurprisingly given the weather - sales of umbrellas have surged too.

 Are customers pleased to be back?

It seems that way. What’s been interesting is that we’re interacting in a way we never did in the past. I bump into people, we have a chat, and we’re reconnecting. Customers are telling us things they wouldn't usually - they’ve been coming in and really talking to us. They come in and they want to chat! It’s become a really personal experience.  

 Has the Pickett experience shifted post-pandemic? 

The Pickett experience is no different as it was before - the thing that’s different is that the customer now has time to enjoy it. It’s personal without being invasive and often becomes a cultural interaction as well as a shopping trip.    


Home Essentials


Lambswool Blanket, £85 Discover our richly coloured rugs to indulge and add plaid to your picnic or garden party or simply to stay snug at home. Our blankets are handmade, 100% lambswool, available in a variety of bright or muted shades. Treat yourself today!

Photo Frames & Albums, from £65 Our collection of classically designed luxury leather photograph frames and photograph albums have been popular as gifts alongside larger, more elegant styles to match your home interior.

Umbrellas, from £80  Unsurprisingly, given the weather these past few weeks - sales of umbrellas have surged too.  With a huge variety of classic styles to colourful hues, there is something for everyone.

Games, from £25

Of course, who could possibly stay at home without entertainment. Our selection of games has gone from strength to strength since the Queens Gambit aired on Netflix. From Backgammon to Peruvian dice games, bridge to Dominoes come and play with Pickett.


Kilim Slippers, £145 Chic and colourful, the perfect home accessory. Our Kilim slippers are ever popular. Handmade & one of a kind, these distinctive slippers add individuality to your at home style.  One pair will never be enough!

Read more about Trevor’s thoughts on the changing face of retail - and the importance of maintaining strong brand identity while still being reactive - in the summer issue of Sarto Magazine.