Trevor Pickett: 40 Years

“After 40 years I still enjoy the customer service the most."
On 16th June 1980 Trevor began his work in luxury retail at a leather company in Burlington Arcade called Unicorn. After 8 years in the business he was given the opportunity of a management buy out, he then created luxury leather goods brand Pickett.

This month he celebrates 40 years of his working in the leather business and 32 years of being synonymous as a name in luxury accessories.

Trevor eloquently tells us about Mayfair then and now.

“When I arrived I didn't know how lucky I was, I pinch myself now, I was working on the golden mile. It was exciting for me that I suddenly owned my own shop in Burlington Arcade, which was quite an achievement for someone aged 25 who left school at 16 and I suppose I felt rather pleased with myself.

I was in awe of walking the neighbouring streets from Claridge’s to Christies passing Sotheby’s, Partridges, Asprey & Fortnum’s. It was the ultimate destination shopping in London, Like Madison Ave and Rue Saint Honorè it is the centre of luxury goods.

It sounds crass, but it was another world, another quality of merchandise being sold in a totally different manner. The “ Nobless Oblige” has sadly gone in most modern retail, however I would like to think we continue at Pickett. I am fortunate to have seen that for better or worse, society's needs and retail landscape has changed. There have been ups and down but it still remains and holds it position of being the ultimate shopping area, possibly in all the world.”

London’s changing retail landscape has meant an exciting era of change and opportunity for luxury goods brand Pickett in the 32 years with Trevor at its helm. Pickett is the unique twist of the classic and the contemporary, delivered to the clientele with understated integrity and care. This has remained the root of the brand, and will continue to do so in store and on-line. 

“We strive to achieve exceptional quality and unique design thanks to the longevity of knowledge of products and of our customers requirements.”

All the elements of the Pickett retail experience are focused on identifying with whoever walks through our door, remaining authentic in the service and quality of product.

A truly British brand, Pickett is built on the dedication and talent of British workers. They’ve built their reputation on selling British-made leather goods so, where they can, they always buy British.

I see myself as more of an editor than a designer’, Trevor explains, ‘I work very closely with the talented workers that create my products, and take great care in every detail. I could tell you exactly who has helped create a piece just by looking at it.’

“My business is my pleasure, my pleasure is my life.”

And it is this that will continue to keep the Pickett brand classic and unique.