Traditional Games: Entertain this Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time to dust off your favourite board games, and challenge friends and family to a good old-fashioned game. So, get ready to entertain this festive season with our traditional games that every household should have.

Here’s Pickett’s luxury selection of handmade board games, you’ll be sure to find a collection of classic sets from Backgammon to Domino’s – all beautifully detailed and created with the upmost attention by master craftsmen.


Backgammon is one of the oldest games, being traced back nearly 5,000 years. It is a two-player game, which involves trying to block your opponent’s checkers as you try to get yours off the board.

We have a selection of luxury leather backgammons of varying sizes, in covetable colours from handmade Roll Up Backgammon – a popular gift and ideal for travel, to our exquisite Backgammon Sets that double up as a statement home accessory.


Derived from 17th century card game Whist, Bridge is a four-person game with two against two - the objective is to win as many tricks as possible.

Our bridge set is presented in a compact and delightful luxury leather box contains two decks of playing cards (included), marking pencils and score cards – a perfect gift for any bridge fan.

Card Games

Play classic card games like Rummy, Whist, Blackjack or Hearts – a favourite for all.

Keep your cards safe in our charming leather box which contains either one or two decks of playing cards (included) – an ideal gift for an avid card player.

Dice Game

Poker Dice can be an alternative to playing cards, with a selection of five dice that represent the poker hand.  The classic game is played with five dice and two players, with the best hand winning. With endless games to play, including Liar Dice with various rules, it is a gift that keeps giving.

Our simply soft handmade calfskin case holds a complete set of poker dice, fastening securely with a press stud in an array of colours, the light weight and fun cases are ideal for travelling.


It is unclear as to when Dominos first started being played but it is believed that the traditional ones were descended from Chinese dominoes, maybe as early as the 11th century. The rules involve taking turns to match opponents’ dominoes until the winner has none left.

This luxury dominos set comes in elegant leather box, that holds a standard set of dominoes (included) and is available in a range of covetable colours of leathers.

Perudo /Peruvian Dice Game

A popular dice game within South America, the game itself has many different versions but essentially is played in rounds with each player receiving a cup and five dice, whilst bluffing their way through the game. The winner is the last person left with dice.

Our classic Perudo Peruvian Dice Set is individually handmade in sumptuous, contrasting stackable coloured leather cups.

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