Quintessentially British Bespoke

Made in England – Made for You

We take great care to produce key ranges with small specialist workshops and ateliers across the UK, some of whom we have worked with for more than 35 years!

With only one maybe up to three craftsmen working at their benches - they already work to some level in isolation, they are able to continue making our bespoke products, through this difficult period.


Our Bridle Hide Belt’s, which are naturally tanned using the traditional saddlery process and made by a Harness maker whose workshop is in a mews, are of the highest quality. We can offer belts to your exact size by measuring the strap at the buckle to the holes most used, then we can make the perfect fit using the centre of the five holes. There are a range colours and assorted buckles to choose from for a truly bespoke belt service.
Pickett C11 Bridle Hide Belt

Games & Homeware

Our Games, as well a selection of Homeware is produced by a small independent workshop, who can offer an array of uniqueness. So, it is not just time to roll the dice but think outside the box!!

You can have some fun when it comes to choosing the colourways be brave and bold with backgammons. There is an option of three or even four colours, outside covering, the field and the points! We have made boards in racing colours, or to match the livery of a boat, there is even size option for the different size boards – the limits are endless.

You can even buy the Dominos, Bridge, Playing Card Case, or a Photo Frame in a colourway of your choosing. These are great imaginative and personal gifts with immense longevity!
Pickett Emerald Large Backgammon Set
Pickett Two Fold Frame


Our timeless classic luggage has evolved over the last 40 years from the days when luggage allowance was 33 kilo and suitcases were a solid construction. Without compromise and moving with the times we have worked side by side with our workshop to ensure we use the highest quality leather, as well as light weight canvas. Allowing our luggage range to expand over the years to holdalls, garment bags and travel bags creating a well-rounded collection.

We can offer a wider selection of canvases from our core collection, with the leather contrast trim of your choice, making a truly individual piece for your future travels!
Pickett Carry On Holdall


The traditional bridle briefcases have been made for us by the same craftsmen for over 35 years! Over this time the size requirement has been from small, large, medium, but now in a paperless society we have moved to super small. Each of our cases are individually hand cut, with a myriad of choices: pockets, divisions, or linings - so we can make the case very personal to your needs.
Pickett Two Pocket Bridle Hide Briefcase

Please call our mainline telephone number 0207 493 8939 between 10am – 4.30pm for any enquiries on bespoke orders!