Pickett Post

April Newsletter Edited by Trevor Pickett

Easter Cooking

I rather enjoy a cookery challenge – that bag of basil in the back of the salad draw? An easy one, make Pesto, but the parsley or coriander ? I search out ideas on bbcgoodfood I don’t print off or cut out recipes, I make notes down in my pickett covered notebooks - where I found the recipes that worked for me and include anything I added in or subtracted to make it to my taste.

5 A Day

Fresh fruit and veg is the perfect solutions for not piling on the pounds at home for healthy snacking, and of course daily vitamins! It has inspired me to see that newcoventgardenmarket​ are changing their business model to adapt to the current climate offering a domestic delivery service.

This will help to keep the market going and provide fresh veg to our tables – there seems to be such a resilience and resolve around me! Inspiring!

It’s great to get out with my Pickett shopper as I nip on my daily visit to the supermarket or perhaps you prefer a backpack, we have some great options on Sale!

Easter Egg Alternatives

Thinking of parents in isolation, think of flowers! They are always lovely to receive so I tested out flowerbx (having had a double disaster with a more known online company) I was pleased with what arrived (photo sent by mum).The flowers barely open - a good start - and there were as many blooms as the images showed and delivered in perfect condition.

I would highly recommend giving flower box a try. Another nice easter gift is a little bit of luxury; here are my Pickett favourites.