Personal Style by Katlyn Oliver

Smart Hacks to Hone Your Personal Style 

Your personal style not only affects how other people perceive you, but it can also alter how you see the world, according to researchers at California State University. Whether you are choosing what to wear for the day or adding a high-quality Pickett leather bag to your collection, you need to carefully consider every fashion decision you make. However, finding and refining your personal style can be a daunting task; for some people, it can even take years to find the style that looks best on them and makes them feel comfortable. You need to take the time to find your personal style not only for the sake of good first impressions, but also to help you approach each day with confidence knowing that you look good in whatever you are wearing. As such, there are various things to consider when finding and honing your unique style in way that matches your personality.

Go for quality 

When honing your personal style, quality should always be your first consideration. Cheap, poorly made clothing wears quickly and may start pilling especially in the underarms, between the legs, and other areas that see frequent movement. The colours may also begin to fade after laundering while fabrics weaken and tear, forcing you to go back to the shop for more clothes. On the other hand, couture and designer fashion have higher standards of quality. For example, if you end up choosing a customised designer suit over an ordinary or mass-produced one, it will look better and last longer since it is made from the highest quality materials. Top class designer brands like Pickett also pay closer attention to details which improves the overall appearance of the items and makes them more resistant to wear.

Be smart when shopping 

You don't need to spend thousands of pounds on designer clothing to look good. Even if you earn a modest income, you can still find a way to integrate designer fashion from renowned brands like Pickett into your personal style in a way that will grab people's attention. To do this, you will need to be more careful about which items you buy from designer brands. A strategy that works great is having a few designer items as features of your wardrobe instead of daily wear staples. For example, you can use designer accessories, such as a Pickett Bridle Hide Belt or a Rawling Narrow Scarf to spice up a normal suit. This way, you'll get the luxury of Pickett designer fashion without spending on a full designer wardrobe.

Take your goals and lifestyle into consideration 

The ideal wardrobe is one that shows your vision and creativity and is tailored to your unique lifestyle. Consider the persona you desire to show the world. The perfect style should reflect your personality, but it also needs to make sense in your line of work, your long-term goals, the city you live in, and your overall lifestyle. For example, if your goal is to secure a better job, you can consider adding a few sharp and professional outfits for attending interviews in that particular line of work.

The most important thing to remember when developing your personal style is to be true to yourself. What matters is not the price tag or the size of the designer label; your style should celebrate your life, your personality, and your individuality. Own it, be proud of it, and embrace it as a way to express yourself to the world.

Katlyn Oliver.