Zenith Aviation

Pickett London joins Zenith Aviation at an exclusive event showcasing the world of luxury above the ground

Pickett was delighted to have been offered the opportunity to join a carefully selected number of individuals showcasing the possibilities that allure from luxury travel. Within the exclusivity of the Learjet 75, Pickett’s handmade leather luggage, handbags and travel accessories presented themselves to be the perfect travel companions catering to each traveller’s individual preferences and needs. And whilst our products deemed to be the perfect addition, Zenith Aviation provided the perfect set – The Learjet 75 offers luxury with personality. Whilst proving to be highly comfortable, the Learjet 75 is also incredibly spacious and surprises with a myriad of extras only a few would expect at first sight.


About Zenith Aviation:

At Zenith Aviation, we offer bespoke charter flights for business and leisure users on our Learjet 75’s. Our private jets enable customers to meet strict schedules in a comfortable, safe and secure way avoiding the hustle and bustle of busy airports. In May, we took the opportunity to show off one of our Learjet 75’s alongside the distinctive luggage brand Pickett whose travel bags make a great addition to any flight. Find out more at www.zenithaviation.co.uk or call us on +44 (0) 1959 578 400. 

More Information:

For any questions or enquiries regarding our products and services, as well as everything Zenith Aviation has to offer, please contact Theresa Vitinius on theresa.vitinius@pickett.co.uk.