Travelling for Christmas

Christmas is the season to enjoy time with friends and family and reminisce whilst looking back at the year. However, especially in recent years, it has instead become more and more stressful. If finding the right gift would be the only task to master, a lot of us are travelling over Christmas to see family on the countryside or even abroad. But even though the thought of rushed packing, last-minute gift-buying and the joy of catching a cab in the midst of frantic holiday shoppers already makes us anxious, travelling over Christmas doesn’t have to be stressful if you are organised.

 As frequent travellers here at Pickett, we have collated a list of tips and tricks to stay on top of things this Christmas while having the chance to actually enjoy the festive season.

Make a Travel Checklist

To be sure you are not leaving anything behind, make sure to put up a travel checklist and check it at least two weeks before you travel and then again days before as well as on the day of travel. Have your travel documents updated and make sure to not leave your passport behind with one of our colourful passport holders.

Label your luggage

Seems outdated but still the best way to make sure your luggage doesn’t get lost is to label it with your name, address and contact details, just make sure they’re hidden – Like on our popular luggage labels. Not only useful for yourself, our luggage labels are also a thoughtful gift for your loved ones.

Pack light

To spare yourself the stress of rushing through the airport with bags containing everything you own, make sure to pack only necessities. As long as you ticked off the musts on your checklist, everything you leave behind is probably not needed on your trip anyways. So, grab a carry-on sized holdall in canvas or leather, just like the ones newly added to our wide range of luggage, and make your journey more relaxed!

Stay warm

If your Christmas trip takes you to the mountains instead of the country, make sure to stay warm with cashmere gloves, hats and scarves to fight off the cold winds. And even if you are just on the way home to see the relatives, a few winter warmers are a must in case the train or plane unexpectedly gets chilly.

Be prepared
Probably the worst thing on Christmas is not having all of your gifts ticked off the list and trying to get something in one of the duty free shops at the airport. Getting inspired for Christmas giving isn’t that tricky anymore, if you give yourself time to go over curated gift guides whilst thinking about what your friends and family might need. Starting from cotton socks as a stocking filler up to a leather holdall to make eyes glow on Christmas day, we at Pickett offer a great selection of gifts in this year’s Pickett gift guide.

And if nothing helps, we recommend indulging in a mulled wine to calm the nerves. Until then, we wish you all the best for your Christmas preparations.