Princess Magazine : Pickett Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary

London’s  changing retail landscape has meant an exciting era of change and opportunity for luxury goods brand Pickett as the acclaimed brand celebrates its 30-year anniversary in 2018.

Enter the location at 10-12 Burlington Gardens or the Sloane Street shop, and you are provided with unsurpassable service in an inviting emporium environment. From the moment customers arrive, Pickett aspires to make the shopping experience a memorable an engaging one. ‘I greet my customers as I would my friends’, says Trevor. ‘Guests are greeted just as if they were entering my own home. The shopping experience at Pickett is one where clients feel a part of the Pickett world’.

Pickett remains the last bastion of luxury English goods, representing an authentic artisanal offering since 1988. Being quintessentially English with a sense of the whimsical eccentric, the shop retains a unique experience which is so much of the brand’s success and individuality. Having moves from the Burlington Arcade, and expanding the Sloane Street location to include retail space on Sloane Terrace, Pickett has entered a new space and look after clients in a supportive way.

With more space at both stores, the pieces have room to breathe. ‘All the elements of our retail experience are focused on identifying with whoever walks through our door, remaining authentic in our service an quality of our product’ Trevor explains. ‘Our stores echo the Pickett culture, providing unsurpassable service in an inviting environment, when people are guided through magical rooms of discovery, reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland.’

Trevor Pickett began his work in luxury retail at a leather company in the Burlington Arcade at the age of 16. After eight short years, Trevor bought the business and Pickett was born. Inspired by the likes of Georgina von Etzdorf, a textile designer who brought a sense of colour into design and a new way of using it, and Emma Willis as she reinvented and maintained the quality of shirt making – something that was the norm in the middle of the 20th century but remains available in a few stores today.

Trevor also talks of his admiration of Jo Malone, he says ‘every fragrance she creates is totally individual an has a contemporary twist.’ Pickett, just like Emma and Jo Malone, strive to achieve exceptional quality an unique design thanks to their longevity of knowledge of products and customers. With over three decades of experience within the industry, Trevor and his team have developed the brand into one now known for exquisite gifts. Expanding beyond leather, Pickett also offers pashminas, gloves, jewellery and Kilim slippers.

Realising early on that his customers desire variety and choice, the Bespoke Service became an integral part of the Pickett identity, which is now offered at the Leather Library in Burlington Gardens. The Service takes raw materials and produces unique pieces as individual as their owners. ‘I am often asked what luxury is’, says Trevor, ‘one special part is having the ability to create something utterly and completely yours that has your style and spirit, which no ones else can replicate. That is what we strive to give at Pickett, especially in a world where services like this are diminishing.’

Taking great care to produce the ranges with small specialist workshops and individual craftsmen, some of these artisans have worked with Pickett for more than 27years. A truly British brand, Pickett is built on the dedication and talent of British workers. ‘I see myself as more of an editor that a designer’, Trevor explains, ‘I work very closely with the talented workers that create my products, and take great care in every detail. I could tell you exactly who has helped create a piece just by looking at it.’

In celebration of 30years of Pickett, Trevor is launching his Pickett Prive collection, an exclusive collection of Trevor’s personal picks from Paris. One piece of each item will be available to purchase from Pickett and thus following made to order only. The anniversary year will also see luxury luggage in new contemporary coloured canvases plus jewellery with stunning chinkier designs.

In the last 30 years of building his business, Pickett’s journey has taken the brand down many paths, but the ethos remains the same. ‘We create special products that are traditional but made fresh’, Trevor says. ‘Pickett is the unique twist of the classic and the contemporary, delivered to our clientele with understated integrity and care. This has remained the root of our brand for the last 30 years of the business, and will continue to do so.’

Pickett Interview - Princess Magazine

Pickett Interview – Princess Magazine

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