Pickett Post: June Newsletter

Retail Returns

With the recent announcement of life slowly but surely moving forward, it is with excitement that we spur on at Pickett. We are organising our stores and getting ready to navigate the new retail atmosphere. So watch out for updates that will be coming shortly!

Along with this we will be introducing some new products, a sneak peak of new shades are already starting to be introduced online...

Cycling in the City

Exercise on a Sunday has turned into bike rides with an aim. Exploring the sites of the city, I have taken an interest in main line London stations – with retrospect researching on clock makers, or architects of the renowned buildings. This might have added to the tours - but it was a 2 hour ride, so exercise was certainly fulfilled.

Besides stations I have become enthralled with various locations, in particular Lincoln Inn Fields – as I had a total love in at the John Soane Museum, which lead on a further trail towards The Bank of England, The Monument and Paternoster Square.  Wandering through the narrow lanes and ancient rights of way, I discovered a pair of incongruous iron gates “NPBE 1833” - later Google informed me it was a marking of one of the 7 Roman gates to the city of London!

Now in our tenth week of lockdown and with growing confidence, my horizons are thinking the North and South circular roads. My first fore was going towards Epping Forests via Whitechapel, discovering at Stratford The Olympic Park and names of areas that I recall from childhood. I remember visiting my grandmother and aunties around aged 12, at Lloyd Park in Walthamstow. Taking the 151-bus route from Benfleet was The Bell, which was the home of arts and crafts movement activist William Morris

Little did I know later in life that textile, architecture, furniture and design would become so part of me, it’s a shame we did not pop in and explore.


Park Picnic's

As we saw a sunny weekend looming a picnic seemed a plan - the secret place in central London for distancing with ease and there tends be less “white sound” of children and dogs being called for is Green Park.
I did get carried away with my catering for 3, it included pheasant bread in the Paxo lemon and cracked black pepper, pea and asparagus frittata, French onion tart, guacamole, aioli, crudités with crispy bread rolls!!  All wraped up in greaseproof paper - that brings back memories of packed lunches as a child!!


London Philharmonic Orchestra

At Pickett we love creativity, with a difference keep it light, interesting and fun. With us all facing difficult times, keeping the teams spirits afloat and struggling to pay with or with furlough the running costs we were inspired by the LPO’s “Gala in your Parlour” persuaded with little effort Victoria Robey has firmly put Pickett in the Parlour with our “parlour Games”. 

It’s great to support friends at these times - a chirpy chat helps. Making a call serves better for communicating, might lead to a brainstorm of ideas, and helps us to think outside our "game" box.