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British Leather: Work of Art – Pickett London


It seems we have some great things for the new season, a beautifully made tailoring suit, a sumptuous fine fragrance, and an exquisite pair of leather shoes, yet, there’s one thing missing:  Yes, a beautifully made leather bag!  We might abandoned stacks of paper print-outs and documents by a handy electronic device and gadgets, but, a role of a briefcase for work is much beyond its functionality but a signature icon of expressing your personal taste, and, your passion of appreciating the beauty of artisanship about leather goods making.  Just like recently that I have an eye on the beautiful briefcases by Pickett London, an esteemed British leather goods maker based in London, founded by Mr. Trevor Pickett, who possessed a great passion of creating exquisite leather goods, from handbags to gift items, even slippers, adding his British eccentricity, and rigorous craftsmanship, each creation from Pickett London is precious and exquisite.  No excessive nor flashy advertisement but a honest and pure dedication on creating the best leather goods by British artisans, this high reputed leather goods house takes pride in their motto of keeping the tradition and respect the art of handwork, the valuable British know-how and the heritage, which makes each piece of their creation become so timelessly iconic, and, adore by their loyal customers from elites to connoisseurs.



Let’s start with their beautiful ‘A’ frame briefcase, also know as the ‘doctor’s style’ bag, this is a very traditional style of briefcase which enables one to carry something extra weight;  available in tan, brown and black English bridle hide, this bag is one of my favourite style with its feature of a top opening leather covered metal frame that opens out well for ease of access, reinforced leather corners and solid leather handle that moulds to one’s hand after use, the leather of this bag ages beautifully over time, which gives a more vintage and nostalgic elegance that makes it irresistibly handsome and luxurious looking.



Meanwhile, the 4-inch Attaché briefcase is also noteworthy, with its traditional, formal looking appeal, this box style briefcase is literally a work of art that represents the prestige, professionalism, and discerning taste of its owner; available in 2 different constructions, the Attaché briefcase that made by Pickett London, such workmanship is one of the last to make lid over based attaches.  Using fully hand sewn English bridle hide, each hand stitch is individually knotted.  For the Cedar Wood Shell Attachés in particular, based around an unique lightweight sprung Cedar wood shell, the leather cover is entirely hand-stitched through the wood shell, which is something noteworthy and luxurious unlike any other lower-priced maker, the handle used a core of 15 layers of leather which will then shape to the user’s hand with use over time.  Accessorized with details including the ‘Sanded’ finished nickel lock which creates a durable look, with the edges sides being left polished, which enhances the look of the lock on the case.


For something that is more travel-friendly, a Double pocket leather briefcase could possibly be your best companion, with its modern and smart appeal, this briefcase is made in a soft grained calfskin with a softer construction, the main compartment features a separate padded slip pocket with a tab closure for laptop along side a large zipped pocket, and two smaller slip pockets.  Two external zipped pouch pockets and one external large zipped pocket on the front, which enables one to put small items when travelling, a detachable shoulder strap that available to make this briefcase much more functional, and, user-friendly to accompany with your wheeled luggage.

Afterall, briefcase is merely a bag you carry for work, but, a portable piece of art that reminds one so much about the beauty of craftsmanship, and, the heritage of British leathergoods making.