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Elegant and highly individual takes on classic game sets

Designers are reimagining tabletop games, creating new versions of classics with a heart‑warming sense of individuality, says Helen Chislett

In an age obsessed with digital communication, there is something particularly comforting about sitting down with friends or family to play a game – particularly those we have loved since childhood. It isn’t just about winning or losing (although some of us flash our true colours over a games board as nowhere else), it is the beauty and tactility of lovingly crafted games that appeal on some deep sensory level.


Leather specialist Pickett offers a diverse range of games including chess (£795), backgammon (£1,595), perudo (£450), poker dice (£25), dominoes (£125), Scrabble (£1,995) and bridge (£195). Founder Trevor Pickett describes the ethos as “classic with a twist”, saying, “We pride ourselves on the huge range of colours we offer and recently introduced burgundy to celebrate our 30th anniversary – that was the most popular colour in the 1980s when we began.”