New Season Style - On the Case

How has your commute changed over the last 18 months? Whether you’re now back to business full time or splitting your week between home and office, what’s highly likely is that there’s been a shift in not just your day-to-day working landscape, but also how you get from A to B, what you take with you, and - crucially for us - how you get it there.


 For so many commuters, work bags and briefcases became largely forgotten items at the start of last year. Once our constant companions, attachés, folios and backpacks were cast aside when lockdown hit, confined to closets and cupboards and largely ignored (unless you packed a bag to take to work in your office at home, in which case - your commitment to the cause is commendable).    But that’s of course now all changing, and with the return to the workplace now well underway, how better to mark the (welcome) demise of the kitchen conference call and endless awkward Zooms than upgrading your commute with a new work bag?

It could be that the nature of your journey has changed entirely - perhaps you moved out of town so travelling to the office is now less of a regular occurrence, but a lengthier business when you do. Or maybe you're one of those energetic/environmentally conscious souls for whom cycling has become a regular form of transport. Then of course there’s the rise of the hot desk, and the implications that may have had on how much more kit you’re required to pack on a daily basis... Whoever you are and whatever your work day now looks like, we have the perfect bag to make your transition back to the office as stylish as possible. 



Four inch fully hand-stitched attaché, £3,125 
Our classic attaché cases are the ultimate workplace accessory. This is a premium product that’s built to last, with a sturdy leather-coated shell opening to reveal a luxurious plum suede lining. For those who truly mean business, there is no other option. 

Can also be customised to suit your requirements. 

"As our work days have changed so have our work bag requirements. Equip yourself with the right kit for your new normal with our briefcases, folios and more."


Alice Briefcase, £695

Our Alice briefcase combines fabulous functionality with good looks and charm. Thanks to its generous proportions, two main sections, and external zip pocket, it’s a great option for those with plenty to carry, and thanks to its gorgeous design, it makes the perfect ‘boardroom to bar’ piece, should your presence be required at both in one day...

 J-Style two pocket briefcase, £675 

 Not only is this case sturdy, spacious and stylish, it’s also a long-term companion, as the naturally tanned bridle leather from which it’s made will only get better with age (just like you).

Zipped Folio, £435

Pack your papers, tablet and business cards into this sleek folio to get from A to B in style, or use it to ensure everything is in one place at home, ready for when you need it. 

Classic Backpack, £595 

If you’ve joined the commute on two wheels, a backpack is the only viable option. Our 100% leather backpack not only accommodates everything easily, but can be taken into a meeting without making you look like you’ve taken a wrong turn on your way to the gym. 

Canvas Travel Bag, £575

All hail the return of the work trip… With one external slip pocket and two separate zipped compartments - one opening fully as a suitcase, the other opening into a briefcase with pen loops and business card pockets - our canvas travel bag is the only case you’ll need to take with you when that overnighter with the board of directors comes calling.