Pickett's Easter Journal 2023

Easter Journal Edited by Trevor Pickett

We wish you a happy Easter from us Pickett.

This time of year is a walk to the pub for me. I visit The Bell in at Middleton and wander along Sizewell beach with my memories of childhood. I usually bring a dog who is a weekend guest. Afterwards, I head back to the Friday car boot to buy stock for my Marlesford Mill space. And of course, I always pick up more plants to fill the gaps in the garden.

My garden still needs love, as I know I'll never be a head gardener. Glynis has been taking control for 30 years, but the pandemic and a new house have been a trial for us both. I picked up 120 potted bulbs and corns from car boot sale on Sunday, which Glynis will be overwhelmed by as she plants them in the areas I like where she thinks best to place, we will triumph in adversity.

The underplanting in some areas is chaotic and needs attention the bald patches!! I need to fill these spaces with foxgloves though I have never understood the life of a foxglove, they have a mind of their own - the tulips are about to burst into bloom. Sedums, hostas, euphorbia, and delphiniums are making a tentative appearance like a prologue in a play. The snakeshead fritillaria and snowdrops have been successful, emerging after a year, they were staying underground doing a no-show last year.

Fun things to do for Easter at home

Paint pretty patterns on eggs. Decorate the house with potted spring flowers, which will brighten the holiday and then, after they have faded, plant them in the garden for next year's garden flowers, be eco-friendly!

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Easter eating

Fish pie for Friday

A good fish pie is a must for Easter Friday, and the best is Sheekeys recipe!

Simnel For Sunday

Munchies for Monday

Melt all the left over chocolate eggs then spread the rich liquid on greaseproof paper lined shallow dish to 1cm on and sprinkle lightly with toasted nuts to taste. So have a nut bar.

DIY garden ideas for spring

Freshen up the garden furniture and hose down the outside areas prepare for summer..