The Coronation of Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla

At Pickett, we are proud to be a part of the coronation. To whom we send our best wishes and hope they reign over us for a long time. We offer our customers a collection of products fit for royalty in our stores and online


Reflecting on the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth {the Queen Mother}. We celebrated Queen Elizabeth II's 70th Jubilee last year in recognition of her length of service. Now, we extend our best wishes to their Majesties King Charles and Queen Camilla. 


Pickett Window Displays for the Coronation

We support the finest ateliers and workshops available to us in Great Britain, taking pride in handcrafted products made using the highest quality materials.

From handbags and wallets to belts and luggage, each product is designed to be both functional and stylish, making it the perfect addition to your attire.