New launch: The Pickett Jewellery Box


The jewellery box has always been a staple of our core collection. Elegant, practical and meticulously crafted, these beautiful pieces are designed to last a lifetime, housing the keeper’s most precious items safely, and in style. 

 Our latest launch sees the Pickett jewellery box receive a bit of a refresh. Nothing drastic, just a few subtle tweaks to the finish and size that - says Trevor - will ensure it meets the needs of an ever-evolving market… 

“We've seen a change in the consumer demand,” he reveals. “People don't want too small a box when they're spending £800 pounds but then you don't want to spend £1,200-£1,500 on a big one. So this sort of medium-sized box fills the gap of ‘it’s nice enough to give my wife and good enough to give my goddaughter.”

Design-wise, the look is slightly more contemporary than our previous boxes, but when it comes to the making process, attention to detail is as meticulous as it’s ever been, with particular thought given to the materials used, which are absolutely crucial, as Trevor explains: 

“With a jewellery box, the quality of the wooden case underneath the leather needs to match up to the quality of the leather. It's no good getting a bit of old cardboard and strapping a load of leather over it and saying that that’s a jewel box. To make a proper jewel box, you have to make a box that’s dovetail jointed because if it isn’t it just all falls apart. The Pickett jewellery box represents quality craftsmanship both in and out - the quality of the woodwork below matches up to the quality of the leather above. We always pride ourselves on selling beautiful handmade products, and this is a perfect example.”


The launch of this special piece coincides with Valentine’s Day, and we think it would make a particularly fine gift for a loved one… Why not put a piece of jewellery inside to add even more wow factor? 


Three more to consider…   

Cufflink and trinket box 

This smaller jewellery box is perfect for storing an array of accessories, with a single full-length section and six individual compartments which can be removed to create one whole larger section.  


Horseshoe trinket box 

 A compact option that’s a perfect keepsake in an array of colours and sizes… Can be personalised with your Valentine’s initials. 

Jewellery Roll and Watch Roll 

 Romantic break on the horizon? Keep everything safe while you travel in these beautiful rolls. 



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