Men's Kilim Slippers EU46 / UK12

  • Please note that each pair of Kilim slippers is unique in it's colour and pattern.
  • Suitable for indoor use.
  • Outdoor use is not recommended.
  • Available styles in sizes EU 40 - 47 / UK 6-13
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    Handmade unique slippers, made from *Turkish Kilim. These quirky in-door shoes with a leather sole (not recommended for outdoors) exude individual character - making them the perfect present for anyone.

    Please note that each pair of Kilim Slippers are unique in it's colour and pattern, with no pair the same. Contact our mail order department for further information, and any queries on more styles that may be available.

    *Turkish kilim is a flat-woven rug, to create a sharp pattern, weavers usually end each pattern element at a particular thread, winding the coloured weft threads back around the same warps, leaving a narrow gap or slit.

    These products are all handmade by highly skilled craftsmen, ensuring each item is constructed individually with pride and perfection.

    We offer a comprehensive after sales service giving reassurance that, should it be necessary, each product can be repaired and maintained throughout its lifetime.