Upgrade Christmas with exceptional made-to-order gifts

While we are well known for our classic collections and pieces, Pickett also offers a full bespoke service, which sees our team of talented craftspeople tailor fabulous designs to suit almost every wish, want and desire for your nearest & dearest.  

 From the super simple to the simply outrageous, we’ve created all sorts of unique pieces over the years, and from material choice and dimensions to the most exacting finishing touches, we can work with you to produce an item that’s not just exquisitely made, but a real one-off, too. 

Our Fantastically colourful bespoke leather room!!!

With Christmas on the horizon and gifting season about to kick in, we thought the time was right to shine a spotlight on this special service, and perhaps provide inspiration for those of you who are looking for the ultimate gift for a loved one - or maybe even yourself. Here, our bespoke manager Harriet Meddings shares (some of) her secrets... 

Full name: Harriet Meddings

Position: Bespoke manager [Trevor Pickett: “And professional wife who suffers me!”] 

How long have you worked at Pickett? 33 years


How does the bespoke service work?

Generally, it will involve remaking an existing item that a customer has in various leather and colour options. We can also make a specific product based on items of stock we have here that we can amend to suit the client.

Are there any limitations to what you can do?  

 As we do not have a design workshop here, we base most of our bespoke items on either an item to copy or an amendment of an item we already have as stock. There’s still a huge amount of scope to be creative though, and we do our best to fulfil all client requests. 

Bespoke Hat Boxjewellery box

Bespoke Jewellery Box



Personalised Photo Album


Bespoke Watch Box

What are the most outrageous/particularly notable requests that you've received (that you're allowed to share!)?   

HM: I think Trevor may be able to help answer this as I have such a poor memory of the items we’ve made as there have been so many over the last 33 years...  

TP: One item that sticks in my memory was a pair of full opera-length gloves in black patent in a men’s size ten. Leave that to your imagination…There was also a request for ten trunks that looked like chests for a treasure island; a complete set of luggage to fit the boot of a vintage Jag; a box to fit the tools for a Ferrari; a 75-piece matching luggage set… The list goes on and on!

Bespoke Leather Hi Hat Boxes

To find out about more Pickett’s bespoke service or discuss your requirements for a one-off piece, contact harriet.meddings@pickett.co.uk