Trevor's 12 Gifts of Christmas

'I am looking for a...'  is probably the most used phrase this time of year.
As Pickett is one of London’s best places to source a luxury, bespoke & British made gift I of course am often upon the receiving end of this statement.
The two questions I then ask need to be done in a discrete, diplomatic and delicate manner.
  1. “Who for” can lead to many interesting conversations
  2. “What is your budget” this sounds vulgar but one does improvise at this point and gauge accordingly.


Deerskin Gloves
1. Gloves
Gloves are a good place to start, I feel disloyal to our unlined hogskin gloves, however, our new, fur lined Deerskin are a little bit special and feel more luxe as a gift option when buying for someone else.


Pashmina Stole

2. Scarves

A new addition, and my favourite scarf is this super fine, cashmere scarf – at £195 it is a great gift price and available in a variety of classic and seasonal colours. Though if you are looking for a less formal option, we have this Autumnal patterned scarf which is on Sale at an amazing price of £39.


Leather Shaftesbury Holdall


3. Shaftesbury Holdall

A leather Shaftesbury bag is my design, it’s a model made for me!  Super stylish and made in England. I say no-more.



4. Middleton Moor Washbag

A Middleton Moor washbag is a nice start to our soft tumble calf collection or perhaps an addition if one is already a fan !!  The classic colours make this a timeless gift.



5. Cufflink Boxes

We have a new addition to our cufflink boxes. With the success of the mini,  a larger version has joined the range for home or away.

But the horseshoe box remains a continuous & popular classic at Pickett. It’s price point makes it an ideal Christmas, birthday, Christening or coming of age gif.


6. Peruvian Dice Set


The Peruvian full set is great for family fun. What is better than a cheating game during the holiday, the fun of the game will avoid family arguments you occupy your time perusing the dictionary or going down that ladder.

Or opt for the smaller set which makes a great stocking filler.

7. Womens Gloves

There is always a bit of glamour selling fur trim gloves, especially on the chilly days recently. These make an excellent choice of gift. A cashmere glove is a great stand by for less formal wear.



8. Handbags

This elegant cross body Angelica bag has the capacity for a laptop plus it adds style to your everyday without looking like a briefcase !!

 Alternatively you could go for the new Pickett Alice classic, our more formal handbag that the lap top slides into.



 9. Wraps & Blankets

What could be better than to curl up in a soft cashmere wrap and watch the television - a wonderful Winter alternative to our classic pashmina. Or wrap up completely in one of our newest additions,  the lambswool blanket.


10. Jewellery Boxes

This is our ultimate jewel box, it comes in two sizes & is handmade on a wooden frame. Leather covered it is THE place for your treasure trove of treasured pieces

 And for those that enjoy traveling or perhaps just in need of editing your collection, we have out zip around.


11. Ladies Umbrellas

Feel the magic of Mary Poppins gliding into the film with her umbrella with our whangee handle in a rainbow of colours. This umbrella has that spirit adding a special touch, or contemporary push, yet still has the style and a modern practicality.

12. Kilim Slippers

Of course we can’t overlook our kilim slippers. These are great for a staycation at home!! The ideal teamed up with our cashmere socks for when the temperature drops