The Mayfair Times Awards 2023

The Mayfair times community awards took place last month to recognise those making a positive contribution to life in Mayfair.

CEO of Pickett, Trevor Pickett was named winner of the Only in Mayfair award presented by Fortnum & Mason at the Mayfair Times Community Awards 2023!!! He was praised for “ all the energy, enthusiasm, and passion he invests in promoting the spirit and community feel, of the area”. 

We couldn't be more proud of his hard work and dedication to our company and the Mayfair community. 

 Photo by Mayfair Times February 2023 Issue

Trevor came to the Burlington Arcade in 1980 aged 17, and from the start showed interest in the Arcade committee. He subsequently became the chairman of the committee shortly after his management buyout of the leather shop, Pickett, in 1988. He became a successful conduit between the tenants and landlords which was instigated by the head beadle. Whilst this was a tricky role, he managed to steer this through calm waters until he left the Arcade in 2015.

Trevor and his company have been featured in most of the National newspapers, and many of the weekend colour supplements and glossy magazines, being interviewed on Radio 4 and other stations that have relevance to Mayfair. He contributed to the successful BBC programme “Inside Mayfair”, with the producer ensuring the Arcade was prominent as a central link to the area.

The main event of the year in Burlington Arcade is the Christmas lights, the start of the holiday!!! With three visits from HM Queen Consort, Dame Judi Dench, Boris Johnson, Anne Robinson, and many others, the lighting of the arcade was a must in the social calendar.

With vision, he was a great supporter of the proposed Arcade regeneration by the owners. These achievements added glamour, with integrity to this corner of Mayfair... Whilst previously few other stores showed such investment, with Trevor’s natural energy and enthusiasm for the awareness and marketing of the Arcade made it relevant in the news and thus gained the respect and support of those around him.

Pickett store arrived at the end of Savile Row 8 years ago, Trevor has continued to embrace support and be part of the endeavours to keep the craftsmanship thriving with different year-round events. Trevor's physiology is the more put in, the more you get out of life, personally and with a community. That joy of spirit and commitment helps and is part of keeping this corner of Mayfair alive, without compromising its integrity.