Pickett X The Class Journal

We’re always keen to work with like-minded souls who share our enthusiasm for sartorial elegance and timeless design, so we’re delighted to announce that we've joined forces with Victor B, the man behind popular Instagram style account, The Class Journal


Victor’s renowned for having great taste - indeed, he was featured on The Rake’s online journal as “Switzerland’s leading voice in men’s style” - so teaming up with him seemed an obvious choice for us, and as he’s recently added another string to his style bow with the launch of www.visterio.co - an ‘online store for the modern man’ -  the timing couldn’t be better.  Ahead of the launch, we caught up with Victor to talk about his new project and our upcoming partnership... 


How did you first find out about Pickett and what drew you to the brand?

I used to go to London a lot pre COVID. The Pickett store at the crossroads of Savile Row, Burlington Gardens and Vigo Street is a landmark building that invites you to head inside and check out the diverse product range. I always find something at Pickett, either for myself or my loved ones!

How do you feel about working with us? What do you think makes our brand stand out? 

I am currently launching an online store for the modern gentleman called Visterio. Apart from men’s apparel and footwear, it will offer a well-curated variety of luxury accessories - as one of Britain’s most renowned producers of fine leather goods, Pickett is an absolute must to include in the store’s offering. Its heritage, focus on quality and timeless designs will surely appeal to many of our customers.

What’s in your Pickett edit?

We would like to offer our customers a selected range of Pickett items including everyday products such as wallets and cardholders, as well as luggage or briefcases. My essential items list includes a flat card case, which I use on a daily basis, and the J-style single pocket briefcase which I take to the office. Furthermore, I love to travel with the carry-on classic canvas holdall, the watch roll, and the Walpole wet pack.

"I always find something at Pickett, either for myself or my loved ones!."

What does the res of the year hold in store or you?

I’m about to fly to Istanbul to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and will shortly be relocating to Geneva to start a new job in the financial industry. Then of course I’ll be launching the new online shop too!

What are your top five must-pack travel items?

Number one has got to be my noise cancelling headphones. I love listening to music everywhere I go, but especially on a plane, and these are a lifesaver. Next is a pair of sunglasses - I take at least two pairs wherever I go. I always pack a good book, too, and currently I’m reading Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari. I always take Pickett’s Walpole wet pack to hold my grooming products and the classic canvas holdall to carry all the aforementioned items in. 

What are the style rules every well-dressed man should adhere to? 

I do not believe in rules when it comes to dressing. Well-dressed individuals constantly reinvent themselves, shifting the boundaries of their own style.

Who are your personal style icons and why?

I follow a lot of different style icons on Instagram, which is where I draw most of my inspiration from. I think we all inspire each other a little! But of course I have always been inspired by Sean Connery, Gianni Agnelli, and Cary Grant.

Follow Victor on Instagram: @theclassjournal and find out more about Visterio here