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Ostrich leather is one of the most distinctive looking leathers and is easily recognised by the unusual raised ‘spots’ (each ‘spot’ being where the quill feathers used to be). The raised spots are predominantly across the central section of the leather (called the ‘crown’).

The ‘crown’ only constitutes approximately 1/3rd of the whole skin, so whilst we use the ‘crown’ area of this leather for the main part of the products we make, such as a handbag, we do also use the rest of the leather for other parts. The rest of the leather is fairly plain in appearance or has much smaller spots and this is used to make up areas of the product such as sides, back and the base so as not to waste too much of the skin.

Ostrich leather is a very versatile and takes colour extremely well, so we are able to use this leather to make a very wide range of our products, from handbags down to all of our smaller leather goods, which we produce in a beautiful selection of vibrant and also traditional colours. It is extremely hard-wearing and very durable and is one of the few leathers that improves with age, developing a beautifully rich patina and smooth softness with use.