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Stingray / Shagreen


Stingray skin is also known as Shagreen. These skins have been used in the leather industry, dating back many years. It is a very unusual leather with each skin having a unique soft and shiny ‘pebble like’ texture and featuring an individual and unique ‘pearl like cluster’ of natural markings in the centre of the skin where the dorsal fin would have been.

Each skin can take colour differently depending on its size, so items made from this leather are all slightly different. This leather is highly durable being resistant to water, heat, and surface damage but even though it is a soft and malleable skin, the surface is as hard as shell, so it is difficult to stitch, which can make it restrictive for use in a number of products.

Stingrays are not in any way an endangered species and are found in abundance throughout the Pacific where they are fished commercially as a food source with the skins being a by-product of this industry.

Shagreen is used for our small evening bags and accessories.