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Shadow Hide


Shadow hide is a naturally tanned cow hide leather and is similar to bridle hide but is tanned using an oil rather than wax in the tanning process, giving it a soft flexible finish, which develops a rich patina and natural sheen with use, which also improves with age.

We use this leather for most of our small products and box work as the oil in the tanning process makes this leather supple yet strong, so is very suitable for smaller work but it is generally too light to use for our large products. As with Bridle hide there may be small natural marks in the surface of the leather but again, this doesn’t in anyway compromise the quality or strength of the leather.

Our Shadow hide products include Cufflink boxes such as our classic Small Cufflink Box and Sixteen Section Cufflink Box, as well as Watch Boxes, Tidy Trays and Mens Wallets.