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Lizard skins feature beautifully intricate, small but completely flat scales with a high sheen finish. It is a soft, fine, and beautifully polished skin, resulting in ‘jewel like’ colours. Lizard skins make a very fine, yet hardwearing product. The skins are generally quite small, so it is best suited for making our small to medium handbags such as our Classic Lizard Clutchbag, purses, wallets such as our Compact Short Wallet with Lizard Lining and smaller leather goods.

Where do the Lizard skins come from?

Our Lizard skins are usually from the Nile Monitor Lizard (Varanus niloticus). These lizards live in Africa where they are used for food and the skins are then a by-product. Whilst there are no conservation measures in place for these lizards, it is still illegal to trade these skins without a full CITES licence to ensure that there is a comprehensive monitoring system in place for the trade these luxury skins.