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Bridle Hide


We use a top grade hand finished British Bridle hide to make a wide range of our larger products. It is a very traditional, British cowhide leather that has been used over the centuries in the leather goods industry and is a naturally vegetable tanned leather with a waxed finish, which develops a rich patina and natural sheen with use. This natural tanning process also ensures a hard-wearing leather that improves with age, which makes it very suitable for products that are used on a day to day basis such as briefcases and belts.

Natural markings on the surface of the leather

You may well notice small irregularities and marks in the surface of this leather, which are all natural scars that the animal has incurred during its lifetime. These marks do not in any way compromise the strength or quality of the leather and actually confirm that this is the uppermost surface of the hide, which is the strongest and tightest grained part of the leather. Some bridle hide leathers are from the lower part of the leather and have a plated finish, so although they don’t have the natural scars, the leather is not nearly as strong.

We are proud to say that our bridle hide is of a quality that there is no need to use any re-enforcements in our products and it is nearly as smooth on the reverse of the leather as it is on the front. It is for this reason that we don’t use lining fabric on many of our bridle hide products, ensuring that the full quality of the leather is appreciated.

Due to the thickness and heavier nature of this particular leather it is not suitable for small items as reducing the thickness of the leather can compromise its natural strength.

Bridle hide products include Bridle Hide Attache case, Traditional Bridle hide Briefcase, Jstyle Single Pocket Briefcase, C11 Bridle hide Belt, Book Cover.